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High quality care, overseen by qualified nurses, for people with Long-Term Health Conditions and Complex Needs.

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"Hi. My name is Amanda Young. I’m a Registered Nurse and the Head of Care here at Ocean Healthcare. I oversee our team of nurses, and with them, the safety and quality of the care we provide. I’m proud to work with a great team of people including our highly trained care teams throughout the Southwest of England. If you are looking for care services for yourself or for someone with complex needs please get in touch. We are here to help. Kind regards, Amanda"

Do You Need Nurse-Led Care or Something Else?

If care needs are simple or straightforward nurse-led care may not be necessary. Most home care (or domiciliary care) businesses can handle toileting, personal care, feeding, and assisted moving. Nurse-Led care is appropriate for individuals with more challenging or complex conditions. These include:

  • Dementia & Alzheimer's
  • Parkinson's
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Cancer
  • Stroke Rehabilitation
  • Palliative Care
  • Genetic Disorders
  • Epilepsy
  • Cerebral Palsy
  • Brain Injury
  • Spinal Injury
  • Motor Neurone Disease
  • Autism & Severe Learning Disabilities
  • Neurological Conditions

Nurse-Led Care

Nurses will provide clinical supervision and support. They will work with highly experienced staff to ensure they are competent and confident to deliver more complex care services. they will also observe care delivery and continually monitor the safety and quality of care. Nurse-Led Care at home can be particularly helpful with the following:

Hospital Transition

Following a significant change in health it can be challenging to adapt to living with new circumstances at home. Expert input from specialist nurses, even prior to discharge, can make a huge difference in making sure the best possible outcomes are achieved.

Managing Treatment

Medication can be complicated and the consequences associated with getting it wrong severe. Nurses can ensure this is managed effectively. Nurse-led care is also important where more complex care tasks are being undertaken such as airway management, enteral feeding and complex bowel care.

Condition Management

Having nurses close to the delivery of care enables prompt attention to changes in condition to help ensure best outcomes. They will work effectively with other health professionals, such as doctors, social workers and occupational therapists, to help coordinate effective care.

How We Do It

Care Plan

One of our nurses will ensure a robust and personalized care plan is in place. This document informs how care is delivered including your personal preferences.

Care App

We use smartphone app to help us manage what needs to be done. It provides a record and enables receivers of care and their families to see what is happening.

Care Team

We will put a care team together of people with the right experience and skills to support you. We will also match who we think will fit best with your circumstances.

Care Team Management

A Care Team Manager is appointed to every client to manage day-to-day care delivery. They will work closely with nurses regarding safety and quality. Care Team Managers will be the primary point of contact for you and for the care team members.


Helen Smith | Exeter

"The Ocean carers are brilliant, we know she is safe, with knowledgeable 1-1 care all night."

Phillip Williams | Torbay

“Finding Ocean Healthcare meant she could stay at home, something we all (her family) felt really strongly about.”

John Dunn | Barnstaple

“Getting Ocean Healthcare in to help care for mum was the best decision for her and us.”

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Trusted & Regulated

At Ocean Healthcare we have experience of caring for people using a combination of funding routes or exclusively self-funded. We also care for people who receive funding from a third part funded.

We are trusted by people who are self-funding their care or using a Personal Health Budget

Care Story

Joan’s story
Joan was diagnosed with Vascular dementia. All her life she had lived and worked with her husband. Over 6 years her dementia gradually worsened until she became increasingly confused, aggressive and lost much of her mobility.

What Joan needed?
Just before Christmas 2020 Joan fell and fractured her pelvis. Up until then her husband and family had provided all her care but as her condition was deteriorating it was agreed that she needed full-time, round the clock care. Her family did not want their beloved wife and mother to go into a formal care setting but to remain at home with them so they contacted Ocean Healthcare.

How did Ocean Healthcare help?

A team of Ocean Healthcare carers take it turns to provide overnight waking care for Joan every night, 7 days a week, from 8pm until 6am. The carers ensure she had eaten, had her medication and they provide personal care to ensure she is dry and comfortable. They then sit with her all night until the morning when her family arrive to care for her.

Our promise to you

  • Communication & Accountability

    We work closely with the person for whom care is being provided, their families and any medial professional involved in their care. Clear communication and accountability are key to excellent care you can rely on.

  • Bespoke Care Plan

    Every person we care for has an individual care plan. They are bespoke and tailored to an individual’s medical and clinical needs but also take into consideration any personal, social and well-being need they have. All our carers work to these plans and they are reviewed regularly as a person’s needs change.

  • A Regular Care Team

    You or your loved one will have a regular care team. Our Carers are matched with Service Users person to person by our highly trained recruitment team. Ocean Healthcare believe that both skills and personality play a part in the care and welfare of those we work with. Our retention and continuity of carers is very high. This is due to our bespoke approach matching you or your loved one with the right carer for you.

  • Recruiting and Training of Excellent Carers

    All our carers go through a rigorous interview process to ensure they have the skills, experience and understanding of providing complex care in an individual’s home. We require carers who join us to have at least a year’s formal care experience. All carers complete our induction training programme, which goes above mandatory requirements. In addition they receive bespoke training from our Registered Nurse Team and other healthcare professionals to ensure they can care for people with a specific condition or care need. Our cares then have their competencies signed off before attending a client.

  • Technology to Keep in Touch

    If you are remote to the person who requires care, we have you covered. You will have access to a live feed of care being provided via our care management app. You are able to keep in touch with the daily activities of your loved one. Notes about care, medication and welfare are available at your finger tips to keep you fully informed.


Ocean Healthcare provides nurse-led care services for people with complex needs. See above for the specialist care services we provide. Most of the care we provide is not less than 4 hours per day and is often 24/7.     

Domiciliary care services are often more appropriate for people with less complex needs who may only require short visits. is a useful website for finding the right kind of care for you in your area. 


Our Complex Care office is in Newton Abbot. From here we provide care services throughout Devon and into Cornwall & Somerset.

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