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Ahoy, Adventurers of the Digital Deep! Welcome to Ocean Healthcare!

Dive right into our virtual ocean of healthcare wonders! But, before you ride the digital waves, let's chat about cookies – not the edible kind that mermaids snack on, though!

1. Cookies: The Ocean Currents 

Imagine you're sailing the vast sea of the internet, and cookies are like gentle currents guiding your ship. These tiny data sailors help our website recognize you and your preferences. It's like having a friendly dolphin that remembers your favourite spots in the ocean. 

2. Why We Love Cookies 

Cookies are like the seashells of the internet – each one unique and cherished! They make sure our website sails smoothly and help us fathom how you use it. This way, we can craft better experiences than a sandcastle competition. 

3. Captain of Your Browser Ship  

If you're feeling like the captain of your own browser ship, you can adjust your settings to tame those cookies. But beware, some of our website's creatures might decide to go on vacation if you do!  

4. The Cookies We Cast  

Tidal Preference Cookies: These are the lighthouses of our website, guiding you to your preferred settings. They're like the wind in your sails, ensuring you have a smooth journey.  

Third Mate Cookies: We've got some trusty sidekicks like Google's Fin Analytics. They help us explore the depths of your interests and shape your voyage through our website. 

  1. The following first party Cookies may be placed on your computer or device:

    Name of Cookie


    Strictly Necessary?


    This cookie is provided by the Laravel framework in order to prevent cross-scripting attacks



    This cookie is provided by the Laravel framework in order to handle sessions


  2. The analytics service(s) used by Our Site use(s) the following Cookies:

    Name of Cookie

    Name of Provider


    _ga Z09JG47ZFE


    Used for Google Analytics

    _ga LLJQXDLWK9


    Used for Google Analytics

    _ga FZ3LP34PET


    Used for Google Analytics

5. Hungry for More Ocean Wisdom? 

If you're as curious as a beachcomber or just want to know the tide's high and low about cookies, send us a message! We're always here to chat and unravel the mysteries of the digital deep. 

6. Our Siren Song 

Got questions, sea-worthy concerns, or simply want to share a virtual high-five? Let the seagulls carry your message to We're all ears, or should we say, shells!

7. The Ebb and Flow of Change 

Life's currents are ever-changing, and so is our Ocean-themed Cookies Policy. If we decide to add a splash of new info, we'll make sure you're the first to know. No hidden whirlpools here!

8. Sailing into Acceptance 

By exploring our digital ocean, you're hoisting the anchor and giving us a virtual nod of approval to our Ocean-themed Cookies Policy. But if you'd rather sail a different sea, that's cool too – just steer clear of those cookies and navigate onward!

Remember, our Ocean-themed Cookies Policy is like a trustworthy compass, ensuring you have a whale of a time on our website. Now, set sail and explore the depths of healthcare with a splash of Ocean Healthcare magic!

Wishing you smooth seas and adventurous clicks, 

The Ocean Healthcare Crew