Stephen - Healthcare Assistant (Agency)

Embracing a semi-retired lifestyle, Stephen found Ocean Healthcare's flexible scheduling to be a pivotal factor in his decision to join the team back in 2019. "Being able to pick my workdays and hours is of the utmost importance," he explains.

Stephen's tenure with Ocean has been marked by his ability to consistently work with clients he resonates with deeply. "What truly sets Ocean apart for me is the opportunity to voice my preferences. I communicate what I'm keen on, and I find myself placed exactly where I want to be on my desired days," Stephen shares.

Stephen has faced some challenges, having recently lost his sight in one eye. He has found the team's response to be exceptionally supportive and empathetic. “They have worked with me and been very understanding,” he notes.

Beyond the flexibility, Stephen also shares how important it is to him that Ocean Healthcare is a family-owned business, which has also been a huge benefit to Stephen’s positive experience. "They always have family in mind and tailor my experience to accommodate my family commitments. Family is at the heart of their approach," he adds.

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