Maria Laney

Maria - Support Worker (Agency)

“Working at Ocean Healthcare has given me so much confidence.”

Maria has worked with Ocean Healthcare for over 8 years. She is well known and loved by the whole team. Maria is one of those special people who wears her heart on her sleeve and is passionate about delivering great care. Through her time in Ocean Healthcare she has worked in lots of different environments including care homes and supported living environments. It is through this that she discovered she particularly likes working with people who have autism and are non-verbal.

Before joining Ocean Healthcare she had worked been working in domcare for several years. One of her friends had joined Ocean Healthcare and recommended she apply. “I love working whenever I want at the places I like”, she says. “I wanted flexible hours and more pay” she is not ashamed to admit!

Maria has really grown in confidence during her time with Ocean. It has opened her eyes to lots of different types of care and she has learned a lot from working with so many different people. Maria really appreciates the support she gets from the team here at Ocean Healthcare. “I know that if I have any problems, I can ask at any time. They’re always there for you” she says. “I find it very rewarding. Looking after others, believe it or not, keeps me going in life… puts a smile on my face. They work for me as well. I enjoy what I do.”

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