Shani - Healthcare Assistant (Agency)

Shani has been an integral part of the Ocean Healthcare team since 2021, bringing her dedication and compassion to the forefront of her care-giving role.

Before embarking on her journey with Ocean Healthcare, Shani took the time to thoroughly research her options. "The positive online reviews caught my attention, and I also had friends who spoke highly of their experience with the company," Shani explains. Her familiarity with Ocean Healthcare was not solely based on reviews; she had witnessed their commitment first-hand during her work alongside some members of Ocean Healthcare at a nursing home.

Transitioning from her previous position to Ocean Healthcare was a seamless process. "What truly surprised me at the beginning," Shani reminisces, "were the regular check-ins, where a member of the team would check on my wellbeing and offer assistance if needed." For Shani, who was new to agency work, this hand-holding into the world of agency made a profound impact.

This level of support stood out to her. Having not worked for an agency before, Shani was worried about being continuously contacted on her days off if there were shifts to cover. She was really impressed by how much Ocean Healthcare respected her personal time, which made her feel cared for and looked after. For Shani, this was one of the refreshing differences that set Ocean Healthcare apart from the rest. Shani's journey with Ocean Healthcare has been marked by a sense of belonging and security. "I can confidently say that I've felt supported in every situation,"

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