Susan - Nurse (Agency)

Susan originally joined Ocean after researching other companies. She wanted a job that would fit around her life and lifestyle. “I want to do the work that I care about, which is looking after people,” she smiles. “By joining Ocean, I kind of got everything”.

Susan has been with Ocean Healthcare since 2018. In May of 2022, her husband got into a motorcycle accident, suffering life threatening injuries. “Ocean really stepped up for me,” Susan says. “They checked in on me, they made sure that my shifts were sorted out and covered so that the companies I worked for weren't affected. They made sure that I had enough time off, that I wasn't rushing back,” Susan reflects. Most importantly, Susan did not feel “rushed back” to work. “It was a priority to them that I was comfortable and not overworked. They really cared for me,” Susan notes.


As a specialist nurse with over 23 years of experience at the NHS, coming to Ocean Healthcare was a refreshing change. “I had only been at Ocean for four years [when the accident happened],” Susan recalls. “But they were right there for me. It was like having a friend during my hard time. They helped me get through it. There's no way now that I would leave the company. Why would you leave somebody that is so good to you,” she concludes.


Besides being there during a stressful time, Susan also appreciates the atmosphere and work opportunities provided through Ocean Healthcare, noting the excellent communication and assistance throughout her years with the company. “They're supportive if you go to a place that you don't get on”, she says. They go a step further, “looking at the reasons you didn't get on there and they will find you somewhere else to go that’s more suitable for you,” Susan explains. “If there was an actual problem with the place, they listen to what you're saying and everything is taken on board”.

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