The Unstoppable Power of Team First

Posted by Jade Speake

On Saturday 18th November 2023 a big group of us from Ocean Healthcare went to Brixham Rugby Club to watch an amazing game and spend a fantastic afternoon hanging out with one another. Developing a healthy, happy and united team is a challenge, but a worthwhile one. It’s only those that master this challenge that can excel. What we can achieve as a team is many, many times greater than what we can achieve as a collection of individuals. Our afternoon on Saturday was a strong example of this in action.

Hi! My name is Jade. I’m the Happiness Manager here at Ocean Healthcare. Yep, it’s a thing! If you’d like to know about our focus on Organisational Happiness….watch this space. We’re going deep! For now, I wanted to share the experience we had this past Saturday at the Brixham Rugby Club game against Matson. Spoiler alert: it was nothing short of incredible! The atmosphere was buzzing with excitement, and the camaraderie among our team at Ocean Healthcare built as we gathered to watch Brixham take on Matson. It was more than just a game; it was a celebration of teamwork & resilience.

Our sponsorship of Brixham Rugby Club goes beyond the scoreboard.

It is a commitment to supporting the values of community, teamwork, and excellence. At Ocean Healthcare, we hold our values close to our hearts. The most important one to us is "Team First." It’s not unique to us. All great teams focus on to make this top priority. And man, did that shine through brightly on the rugby pitch with Brixham last Saturday! From the very start, it was evident that Brixham share the same passion for “Team First”. The players moved like a well-oiled machine, supporting each other on the field with seamless coordination. Every tackle, every pass, and every try was an example of how well they work together and work for each other. The incredible final score of 77-7 was not just a numerical victory; it was a triumph of the team spirit that both Brixham Rugby Club and Ocean Healthcare embody.

Many organisations have taken the time to figure out who they are by creating a set of values. The better ones will use their values to shape their big decisions, how they behave and who they invite to join them. Anyone visiting or joining Ocean Healthcare feels a definite vibe that is consistent throughout business. The most important of all our values is Team First. Our commitment to one another and pulling together to achieve our shared goals is the starting point all the great stuff we do.

The "Team First" mindset is about supporting each other, lifting one another up, and celebrating collective success. As the Happiness Manager, seeing our team come together to witness such an impressive win was truly heartwarming. The cheers, the laughter, and the shared joy for all of us enjoying a beer together on the sidelines was testament to the strong bond we've built at Ocean Healthcare. The game was a strong reminder that when we prioritise the team over individual success, remarkable things can happen.

So, here's to Brixham Rugby Club, to the unforgettable 77-7 win, and to the "Team First" spirit that drives us at Ocean Healthcare. May we continue to support and uplift each other, both on and off the field, as we strive for success and celebrate our victories together.

Until next time, stay happy, stay healthy, and remember: Individually, we are one drop. Together, we are an Ocean.


Jade - Happiness Manager

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