Celebrating International Women’s Day: Inspiring Inclusion

Posted by Charis Bailey

Today is March 8th, a special day - it's International Women’s Day! It's a time for us to celebrate and recognise the incredible efforts of everyone working towards women’s equality worldwide. Did you know that the very first International Women’s Day happened way back in 1911? It took place a whole 17 years before women in the UK were granted equal voting rights!

Reflecting on Progress: The Evolution of International Women’s Day

Though much has changed, there's still progress to be made. This year, the theme for International Women’s Day is 'Inspire Inclusion'. So, what does that mean exactly? It's all about coming together and thinking about how we can inspire others to feel they belong, feel empowered and feel relevant in every part of society.

Navigating Equality and Inclusion: A People Manager's Perspective

As the People Manager here at Ocean Healthcare, a big part of my job revolves around ensuring fairness and equality for everyone. We're guided by the Equality Act, which is a hugely important piece of legislation. It ensures that no matter our differences, we're all treated the same. However, equality and inclusion, while related, aren't quite the same. Equality lays down the framework for equal treatment but does not always address our differences. Inclusion is about going beyond that. It's about embracing our differences and making sure everyone has access to opportunities and services by embracing the diversity of backgrounds, cultures and characteristics.

Fostering Inclusivity: Our Commitment at Ocean Healthcare

Creating an inclusive environment isn't always easy, but it's something we take seriously here at Ocean Healthcare. We understand that each of us leads a unique life with our own set of concerns and responsibilities. That's why we're all about listening, learning, and taking meaningful action to support our team members in living happy and caring well. It's not just a one-time thing either. We're constantly working to ensure that everyone feels engaged, valued, and empowered to reach their full potential.

Conclusion: Inspiring Inclusion Today and Every Day

Let's face it, we're all different! What makes one person feel engaged and happy might not work for someone else. Some of us thrive on flexibility and working in our own way. Others love the opportunity to learn new skills or mentor colleagues. That's where our 'Live Happy Care Well' philosophy comes into play. It's all about helping our team members grow in their careers while finding that perfect balance between work and personal life. A big part of that is creating an inclusive environment where everyone feels respected and appreciated, no matter what makes us unique.

So, as we celebrate International Women’s Day today, let's remember the importance of inclusion. Let's continue to inspire inclusion in every aspect of our lives, making the world a better, fairer, and more inclusive place for all. Happy International Women’s Day!

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