Because Everyone's a People: Appreciation in Action

Posted by Paul Insley

I'm Paul, the Managing Director at Ocean Healthcare. Did you know that March 1st is 'Employee Appreciation Day'? It's a great opportunity for me to dive into my first blog and talk about something I truly hold dear: people and how we (try to) show appreciation.

The title is not a typo: read on for… The Mini-Saying

Here at Ocean, we've got a little saying – "Everyone's a People." It was created accidentally during a team meeting while we were brainstorming our first people strategy. Sounds a bit odd at first, a bit like "Every little helps," but it stuck. It is now officially part of our people plan. It's all about recognising that everybody is a person, of course. In practice, what this means to me is that we should do everything in our power to support each and every person. Naturally, part of that is making sure we show our gratitude to every individual who's a part of, or connected to, Ocean Healthcare.

People Over Assets

I've never been a fan of the whole "People are your greatest asset" spiel. To me, people aren't just assets; they're individuals with hopes, dreams, loves, losses, thoughts, feelings and ambitions. You can't sum that up on a balance sheet, which is where assets live! That's why we make sure to show our appreciation in all sorts of ways, big and small in our business. Yes, we do birthday gifts, anniversary gifts, social events, award ceremonies, bonuses and other public acts of recognition including simply saying thank you at team meetings.

We also make sure to say thank you privately because I believe appreciation should be as selfless as possible. It's about showing gratitude because you genuinely care, not because you expect something in return like improved performance or publicity. While appreciation is indeed an investment, it shouldn't be conditional on receiving something in exchange.

Personalised Appreciation

Sure, lots of companies do similar things, but here's where we aim to stand out: we personalise our appreciation. We need to show that we've thought about it. The act of showing gratitude should matter deeply to both us and them. Most importantly, it should make the person feel valued and appreciated. For me it's not just about ticking boxes; it's about making each person feel seen and understood. Another popular saying here at Ocean comes from Maya Angelou, who captured it perfectly: "People won’t remember what you said, or what you did, but how you made them feel."

The Ripple Effect

What's really amazing is how appreciation grows and spreads when implemented properly. It becomes a genuine and heartfelt practice throughout the company. When leadership teams set the tone for appreciation, it filters through to all levels of the company. It organically becomes something that is thought about and shared between colleagues from senior leadership meetings to lunch time breaks. Everyone feels the positive effects of being appreciated.

The True Goal

For me, the real goal of appreciation is making someone feel it and know that it's genuine. Emotions are at the core of being human, and when we can influence them positively, we all win. A person who feels truly appreciated will be a force for good at work. More importantly, they're a force for good in their communities and relationships throughout their life too.

We should always keep this goal in mind. It's challenging because everyone is unique. If making people feel good all the time were easy, we'd do it without hesitation. However, we must keep trying because, ultimately, everyone deserves to feel valued and appreciated. Let's keep spreading appreciation and making the world a better place, one thank-you at a time. After all, Everyone is a People.

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