Bethany Moore

Bethany - Complex Care Assistant

“I love working with children”, Bethany will tell you. “I had been working as a teaching aide in a primary school for about seven years, but it was a lot of hours for not a lot of money”. It was her mother-in-law (who was also working for Ocean Healthcare) who said ‘Why don't you come and work for Ocean? You'd be doing the same sort of job. Come do it for Ocean instead!’

At Ocean Healthcare Bethany still enjoys working with children where she gets to spend good quality time making a real difference to their lives. She also gets paid pretty well too! Another thing she appreciates is that she gets to work with our team to agree a schedule that works for her. “I can choose the hours that I do, and there's no pressure if I can't do any more. It's been a really positive experience”.

Complex Care has given Bethany opportunities to develop on her existing skills and expand her knowledge through Oceans Training Centre. “My experience with Ocean Healthcare has been a really positive one and the best move I made”.

Bethany is well liked by everyone. She is knowledgeable, calm and patient. She is always happy to support her team. Bethany is a Shining Star!

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