Nurses: Compassionate Champions of Quality Care

Posted by Amanda Young

Let's talk about what makes nurses so incredible. It's not just about dressing wounds (though we're pretty good at that too!), it's about our unique ability to analyse and weave together a lot of information to support excellent care. We gather details about the people we care for, their families, their surroundings, their health needs and the wider context of their lives. We then create care that reflects what is meaningful and important to every person we meet. That is the true superpower of great nurses.  

We often stereotype nurses as the caring presence at the bedside of people who are sick. We're that, and more!  We’re advocates, educators, leaders, and expert clinicians all rolled into one. We're the ones making the tough calls, standing up for our patients, and pushing for better quality and safety in healthcare.  

And that's just the beginning... 

Nurses as advocates and care coordinators 

Nurses have an important job—they are trusted with safeguarding the rights and interests of their patients. We're all about giving patients the power and autonomy to make their own choices for their own care. For example, a nurse might advocate to ensure information is available in easy-read formats to facilitate involvement in care and maximise choice.  

But that’s not all! Nurses act like conductors of care. We make sure everyone is working together so care can be provided smoothly. 

Nurses as educators and champions of best practice 

Staying on top of current evidence-informed best practice and advancing clinical skills is part of providing excellent care. Nurses continuously update their knowledge and actively share their skills to educate others. By staying committed to learning and understanding best practices we can improve outcomes to drive positive change in healthcare. For instance, if a feeding tube were to have a problem. A nurse who’s up to date with the latest research will have knowledge to treat any problems and prevent further arising.  

It's all about staying sharp, sharing knowledge and making sure we’re giving our patients the very best.  

Nurses leading safety and quality 

Nurses are experts at assessing risks and making sure everything runs smoothly. They’re pros at spotting potential problems, stopping mistakes before they happen and promoting a culture of continuous improvement. Plus, they’re all about teamwork. Working together with other healthcare professionals to keep everything connected and safe. Nurses apply these skills in across various settings, including organising hospice care in the comfort of patients' homes collaborating seamlessly with other healthcare providers to ensure everyone receives coordinated and safe care.  

The Compassionate Professional 

At the core of nursing is compassion. Nurses are the empathetic listeners, communicating in complex and emotionally charged situations. A nurse might be the one gently sharing difficult news or encouraging someone to get back to doing the things they love. They're there to listen, support and cheer on your progress. 

At Ocean, we celebrate the incredible role nurses play in healthcare. From being empathetic listeners to ensuring patients have the autonomy to make their own choices, nurses embody compassion and expertise. They're advocates, educators, leaders, and champions of best practice, always striving to improve outcomes and enhance safety. So, next time you think of a nurse, think of them as a friendly face, conducting care and making a real difference in the lives of those they care for. 

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